I help passionate entrepreneurs grow find their flavor, their brand, and authority with irresistible strategies and personal branding magic.

Tara S. of Opulent Media

Branded Authority. Highly Sought After. Massive Success.


Alright, so you want consistent money in your bank account and more eyes on your business, but when it comes to building your brand and providing the highest value of services, you’re overwhelmed, overworked, and have no idea where to start:

  • You can’t figure out where your dream clients/customers are hiding
  • You have no idea how to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • When you finally find time to work on marketing activities, you’re at a loss for what to say and where to say it and who to hire
  • You’re sick of posting on social media where you feel your content is lost and no one sees it
  • Half of your marketing emails and ideas are sitting in your draft folder and the other half never get opened
  • You’re working all the darn time, but can never seem to get ahead
  • You are stuck wondering where you are going wrong when this business was supposed to be your 'passion'
  • You need some massive help...

Does any of this sound familiar?

Business Introduction



Let me tell you a quick story…

There I was...knee deep in over 10 years experiences as a Critical Care Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse at a hospital, eyes burning from lack of sleep, caffeinated to the max, and passion non-existant because most of the time nothing you do is 'ever enough' according to a frantic parent.

Finding my passion? Finding my audience? Standing out from a crowd? it all seemed overwhelmingly impossible!

And all of my nurse friends were immersed in things like Rodan & Fields, Posh, or something like Isagenix...Everyone and their dog seemed to be doing and saying all the same things and working towards the same goal...passionate independence.

Maybe you can relate? Maybe you’ve been dreaming, hustling, and prospecting and posting on social media to no avail. Maybe you’re starting to think there’s nothing special about you or your business after all?


The good news is, you’re absolutely dead wrong!

(Hopefully you've never been this happy to be so wrong?)

You and your unique brand? Incredibly unique.


The problem isn't that you are a dime a dozen and the competition is too high. The problem is that your messaging is not getting seen, or worse, doesn’t highlight your one-of-a-kind you-nique-ness.

You are missing the mark with your content (nobody is buying or clicking) and you  may have completely overlooked the power of brand authority!

In other words, there’s no passion!

Your brand is bland, like steamed broccoli and white rice without any seasoning.

LOL...Hey, somebody had to say it…

Business Meeting

I’m Tara...your professional online branding guru.

I am SO glad you’re here folks!  

As an educator, digital marketing strategist, and brand authority advisor, I’ve seen first-hand the power of branding and storytelling to help businesses stand out in incredible ways, captivate their target audience, and convert leads into loyal followers and of course....buyers. 

Branding can boost conversion rates by 50% and increase information retention by 60-70%! So, if you want to build a memorable AND profitable brand, follow me for more information!

That’s why I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs and people just like you, brand themselves so they can create truly remarkable experiences, improve the way they engage their customers, and slay boring content once and for all. 

(Not to mention, close more sales and capture more leads!)

If you’re a local business owner, advisor, coach, or consultant looking to grow your audience, authority, and income, you are in the right place.

From stressful ICU/NICU RN to life on my own terms.

In 2018, I ditched the 7am-to-7pm critical care life to pursue my purpose/passion and work in a way that felt energizing and aligned with my soul purpose! 


I’ve always been much too independent and passionate to be contained by hospital walls.


Besides, I never wanted anyone putting a cap or 'mask' on my potential.

Before long, I found myself struggling to be heard above all the online noise and competition.

I had spend so much time trying to figure out how to get traction on social media and Google ads that I often would forget to eat lunch...or dinner!!


I had probably changed my website copy a hundred times. After a while, I had no idea what I wanted to say...or even do anymore. My message and passion felt muddled and confusing.

Then, I would stop my marketing and advertisement efforts all together… I didn’t want anyone seeing this mess!

Can you relate?

Doctor Taking Notes
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It doesn’t have to be that way!

I’m not going to say I “cracked the entrepreneur and branding code” – because there is no code! But in searching for a solution that would solve my own problems, I designed a process and unique marketing system that leverages YOUR UNIQUE STORY to create a simple yet effective brand messaging and authority strategy.

If you’re anything like me, you want:


  • A clear and compelling brand and message that sets you apart from competition and attracts a steady stream of leads/customers
  • Less confusion, stress, and overwhelm about what to post and where to post it (so you can spend more time doing what you love!)
  • A highly automated, visible, and credible brand authority that generates demand for you and your services
  • Charge premium rates so you can finally book that dream trip, buy that car you’ve been eyeing, or simply work less and spend more time with your family!

You're literally the only one who can do what you do!


YOU are the only ONE! 

The one thing nobody else has is your you-nique-ness and your unique story. That’s why you’ve got to take advantage of this aspect of you!

The thing doesn’t matter whether you sell dental plans, alternative healing, insurance policies, RV repair services, or properties, your unique brand plays a significant role in your clients’ decision-making process.

People don’t just make big financial decisions based on price tags alone.

People buy from people they like, know and/or trust.

Bottom line need to WIN your way into the hearts AND minds of your customers/clients. And there’s no better way to do that than with working with me and getting you the exposure and coaching you deserve!

Team Meeting
Word Collage

Why branding works.

Today’s consumers/customers want more from their brands. They are not just looking for the best deals or the most well-known logo. They want to do business with brands that actually “get them,” that feel authentic and aligned, that have a very passionate human element…

The human brain is hardwired for identities....branding! With my unique media strategies and coaching, you can accomplish your perfect branding authority for your business.

It doesn’t matter your title, your age, or where in the world you live... we are all united and connected by our biological and neurological desire for stories and branded greatness.

This is why I believe the ability to brand yourself with authority is the best way to persuade, to educate and ultimately engage your customers and clients.

Let's consider that…

  • Media authority is something every business and professional should have. It helps you stand out from the crowd and differentiates you as an expert in your field. -Frank Kern (The Worlds Most Sought-After direct response copywriter.
  • Brand recognition and reputation helps your business land higher end clients and allows you to sell at higher prices.
  • And lets consider that 93% of consumers WANT brands to use your personal stories and flavor in their communications
  • So let's find your flavor, your brand, and your authority!

It’s time to put your finger on the pulse of passion and un-bland your brand.


Imagine setting up in your favorite chair, coffee in hand, dog or cat at your side begging for treats, writing emails to amazing clients and customers that you ACTUALLY want to work with, feeling the pride of your position in your niche and industry and your passion is finally pouring straight out of your soul!

When you get to tell your story and personally brand your business and who are actually are, which might be messy, sloppy, or peanut butter obsession...your passion for your business actually shines through. This is what people WANT TO SEE! 

I cool is that?

Now, imagine that you get paid handsomely thanks to the content that actually defines your business.


When you position yourself as a thought leader, opportunities flow into your inbox.

Brand partnerships. Clients. Speaking engagements. Book deals. Media features. Media Exposure.

So...if your once-loved business is starting to feel more like a j.o.b.– and if you are finding yourself shackled to your desk, trading hours for dollars once again–here’s your ticket out of the weeds.

Image by Clark Tibbs
Image by Ian Schneider

Are you ready to go from invisible to FULLY visible?


If your passion is building a visible, memorable, authoritative business and of course, a profitable personal brand, then I am so glad we found each other. 

You absolutely deserve to live life on your terms: independence, financial freedom, flexibility with your time and commitments. Whatever is driving you, however you define life on your unique terms, becoming an industry authority is a surefire way to achieve the life I know you’re dreaming about every single day.

When you become the go-to expert in your field, you go from invisible hustler to highly paid authority with a lot more free time...and isn't that what you want?!

Pretty amazing, right?

Not only have I build my own six-figure business with content and media marketing, I’ve also helped extremely unique businesses like Energy Healing Practitioners, Alternative Medicine Experts, RV repair shops, and newbie unique-opreneurs alike... increase their visibility, authority, grow their audience, and create a brand presence. 

My specialty is uniqueness...let's find your flavor, your brand and your authority in your industry!